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Ursula Kaufmann

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Kongresskultur Bregenz

The Art of Hosting

The Venue

The name says it all: Kongresskultur Bregenz. As a modern congress centre, it sets standards in the area of service, conceptual design and architecture. The creativity and know-how of the personnel help even ambitious aims to be met at Bregenz Festival House. At this unmatched location on the shore of Lake Constance we create fascinating spaces for interaction – for as many as 4,500 guests – and offer a kaleidoscope of new event formats – for conventions, conferences and corporate events, for cultural and social occasions, both inside the events centre and in the open air.

The City

A not inconsiderable part of the fascination that Bregenz Festival House exerts on its visitors comes from its location. It stands right on the shore of Lake Constance in Bregenz, principal town of the federal state of Vorarlberg. This region in the heart of Europe and at the foot of the Alps has made a name for itself for having so much to offer in terms of recreation and culture.

The Appeal

What is needed for the many stages and spaces to be filled with life, and to create events that are memorable, is a culture of togetherness. The secret of successful collaboration is listening and the ability to define a customer’s ideas and to give life to them in concrete events. This competence in consultancy is what sets Kongresskultur apart. Our understanding of service as partnership goes beyond the role of a host. For its customers and visitors, Kongresskultur Bregenz is an adviser, consultant and friend. “The Art of Hosting” is consequently more than just a slogan.